Creating a cancer test

Pancreatic cancer often goes undiagnosed until it is too late for treatment. M.D.-Ph.D. student Sam Dolezal is working to develop a blood test to detect the deadly cancer.

(To accompany print article “Wearing two hats (or two white coats): The rise of researcher-doctors” January 2, 2014)

Betting on Reno: Hospitals

A coalition of health care providers in Athens, Ga. looks to a program in Reno, Nev. for a way to both help the uninsured and prevent unnecessary ER use.

(To accompany print article “An innovative way to aid the uninsured while reducing ER costs” May 16, 2013)

Like Mother, Like Son

Mark Mahaffey, assistant poll manager at Athens-Clarke County’s precinct 7B, talks about why he works the polls.

The Ballot Generator

Athens-Clarke County used an on-demand ballot printer to manage the 189 different ballot types in the July 2012 primary election.

(To accompany print article: “Does Georgia’s Smallest County Have the Largest Number of Different Ballots?”  Nov. 5, 2012.)

Audio Slideshows

Newspapers Foster Interest in Politics

Athens civic leader, Cuyler Adams, 71, explains how newspapers fostered his commitment to never miss the chance to vote.

(To accompany print article: “Local Voters Reflect on Past Elections”  Nov. 7, 2012.)


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